Our partners at Let Africa Live realized that providing housing for students removes a significant barrier to education and contributes to their healing process.  In 2010, Let Africa Live began construction on a dormitory in their training center in the city of Bukavu to house 40 female students and their children.  Due to insufficient funds, they needed to stop the project halfway (photo below).  Mwendo Congo has committed to a project to provide more safe housing for education by raising $71,000 to complete construction of this dormitory with our partner Let Africa Live.

We have raised $60,000 toward the $71,000 total, and these funds have been sent to Let Africa Live, with construction well underway.  The goal is to raise the final $11,000 by April 30, so that rooms can be completed, furnished and occupied by end of summer.
Two Project SHE fundraising house parties will be held in April – please let us know if you would like to attend!  You will hear from Let Africa Live founder Pastor Kubisa Muzenende and connect with others investing in the lives of vulnerable Congolese youth.  Or make a contribution on-line or by check now.  Thank you!

What Safe Housing Provides

  • Removes students' daily walk to class, sometimes amounting to 1-3 miles each way
  • Provides a safe space to sleep for students recovering from trauma
  • Provides child care for students' young children while their mothers are in class
  • Offers a place to focus on studying, rest, and healing during 8-month training course, removing stress of trying to meet basic daily needs
  • Affirms students' dignity and instills feeling of self-worth
  • Creates a community of learners with peer classmates

The faces of SHE


How to give 

Click the "Donate Here" button above to make an online, tax-deductible donation. Select "Education" as to where you would like your contribution directed.  

Your contribution makes it possible for young female students to have increased access to education and an opportunity to begin the healing process for conflict-related trauma:

  • $20 - purchase a bookshelf for one room
  • $50 - purchase linens for one room 
  • $100 - provide one room with a shower
  • $500 - provide one room with electricity
  • $1,000 - purchase a set of bunk beds for one room
  • $5,000 - sponsor a room for two female students and their children


Use a printout of the flyer below to spread the word about Project SHE!