October Newsletter: Poem from our benefit concert

“Try to Praise the Mutilated World...” 
is the title of a poem by the living Polish poet
Adam Zagajewski, in his response to 9/11 in NYC. 
I acknowledge his title to introduce each verse
of my poetry written in 2011, to honor Mother
(Saint) Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 1979.
By Mac Gimse

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
wherever you meet it, 
in all the places you walk
with those who suffer, 
who cannot help themselves, 
that they remain forever
in your wakefulness close at hand.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
 From the moment of birth, life is treacherous
in the crumbling structures myriad poor call home, 
where they are squeezing life into their dying, 
trying to reach sundown with just one morsel
of food on their tongues.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
Imbed in your heart the bitterness of women
and their children held captive by abuse
that plunders their right to life in our land of fruitfulness, 
then feel the pain of their existence with no chance
of living away from human harm.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
Probe the shattered psyche of a suicide killer, 
mindless of injury or age, and heartless for the innocent. 
Sift through the desert sands of war where armies
dump their mutilated dead, no breath, 
no voice to claim their futile glory.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
Care for the sick and dispossessed
until your knees fall and your arms want only to lie down, 
then raise them up to proclaim the advent
of a Christ child who promises to grow up
and die for us each Spring.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
Praise is ours today when we cannot leave behind
the mutilated world to rescue
our sense of wholeness within the familiar
of our hearth, our sheltered home, 
while fear-shadows linger, hushed
and haunting, inside our collective wills.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
In thanks we remember “The world around us,
the food before us, the friends beside us, 
and the love among us,” and promise always
to be together in spirit, and never scatter
too far from holding hands.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ... ”
Our vision of humanity, with its triumphs
and its tragedies, lets the healing world begin, 
because we care about the mutilated world
and praise the beat of every loving human heart.

“Try to praise the mutilated world ...