United States Special Envoy Visits LAV

On October 14th, the United States Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa, Tom Pierrello, visited Mwendo Congo partner organization Let Africa Live's (LAV) center in Bukavu. According to a report from LAV, Mr. Pierrello, along with two members of the U.S. Embassy in the DRC and a representative from the Eastern Congo Initiative, spoke with students from the tailoring, woodwork, metalwork, and auto mechanic programs at LAV. These students all had a similar request for the Special Envoy, "to speak to American donors so that LAV can receive funds to enable other youth to study, because there are many with problems and they want to learn a trade, but LAV does not have the resources to help them all". At the end of the visit Mr. Pierrello was presented with gifts made by LAV students and a plaque that reads "Yes, Peace is Possible in the DR Congo". The students also asked the Special Envoy to give this message to President Obama: "Mr. Pierrelo, United States Special Envoy, we send you to President Obama to ask him to use all of his power to reestablish peace in the DR Congo. We ask this because the Congolese youth are tired of this life of insecurity, tired of rape, and tired of continual war". Mr. Pierrello said he would deliver this message to the president. You can see a slideshow of the visit below. If you read french, you can read LAV's report here.