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Kubisa Muzenende at World Storytelling Day

Stories Transform Education – World Storytelling Day 2017
Pastor Kubisa Muzenende, founder and director of DRC’s Let Africa Live (and co-founder of Mwendo Congo) will be one of four featured speakers at this year’s Storytelling event held at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. For complete information, see flyer.

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The Man Who Mends Women Movie

The film The Man Who Mends Women is an award-winning documentary about two-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Denis Mukwege.  This is the first-ever showing in the Twin Cities, sponsored by First Step Initiative.   It details the use of rape as a weapon of war in the on-going armed conflict in eastern Congo; Dr. Mukwege’s treatment of over 40,000 rape victims; and the inspiring transformation of these women into advocates for peace and justice in their land.  Use these links:  Tickets  --  Trailer  --  12-min. Teaser.